When we are the Emperor, we are taking hold of our power…Here we find action, decisiveness and high energy.

This inrushing power and force is available to all of us, if we give it the opportunity to flow into our lives. It reshapes our perspective, strengthens our resolve and nurtures us through even the most demanding of periods. It brings serenity, exhilaration, passion and contentment into life, by its simple presence.

Life is a river. Instead of clinging on to a rock let go and become part of the water. Find the still point within and live from that point and by doing that our hopes and dreams come closer.

The Emperor, the three of cups and Temperance.  An inspiring trio on this lazy Sunday afternoon.  Readings refresh the knowledge in your heart that you are already aware of – help refocus your journey – plus they are so pretty. I have freshly painted red nails and a song in my heart = ready to take on this week.




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