Human Behavior


“The way of the miracle worker is to see all human behavior as one of two things: either love or a call for love”

-Marianne Williamson

I happened to see this post in the morning when I was annoyed with how someone responded to me.  I totally felt like I was in the right (how I normally feel, let’s be honest) and that they weren’t listening to me or trying to assert themselves over me. But while I was stewing on my hurt feelings, scrolling through Instagram, I saw this and I unconsciously took a step back from the situation.

It took me by surprise and I remembered that not everything someone says it meant to offend me, especially first thing in the morning.  It is really hard for me to think this way, being a selfish person.  I don’t always want to look at things in a different way; I choose to see myself as the victim – the heroine cast down before rising like a phoenix when the other person acknowledges that I was right all along.  But that’s not healthy. Right?

So I am glad I happened to see this post by Tiny Devotions at the right time.  I have come to accept that my life is always going to be a work in progress and I am not always going to be proud of my actions.  I hope next time I am unhappy with how I perceive someone has acted towards me I remember this and remove my ego from the situation. Acting like a petty child can ruin important relationships and it’s a habit I am going to focus on breaking.

Shout out to Instagram and Tiny Devotions for saving the day!


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