Magic in the air

I love music. Everyone has memories of listening to that one band that really got you throughout 7th grade, or discovering a new group and listening to every album, singing loudly in the car with your friends. On my recent trip to Denver, one of my main goals was to somehow make my way to Red Rocks Amphitheater; my musical nirvana.

Red Rocks is an natural amphitheater, surrounded by huge (red) rocks and the open sky just south of Denver.  I ascended the winding road to surrender myself to Sound Tribe Sector 9, a band I had never heard of before but who I will now never forget. Red Rocks loomed over me and I felt so at peace, as I did most places out West.  The huge stone boundary promised a magical evening of stories yet to be told within the valley between it’s two peaks.


This was the type of show where everyone was going to dance.  You can always tell before hand by surveying the crowd – these were a bunch of people all talking to strangers, drinking a lot of beer and smiling. The guy next to me said he had seen STS9 33 times, including the night before.  He warned me that this was going to be an amazing show, so I grabbed another beer and prepared myself.

I love shows where people dance, where the crowd talks to each other and make friends that they’ll catch up with at the next show. There is something about the way music brings people together that, as a shy person, I find liberating and exciting. The band was amazing, and their lightshow was insane.  I learned before the show that they had a new bassist who promised to be electric, and she did not disappoint.  One song blended in to the next and I was just along for the funky, jamming ride.

image image

It was a combination of the venue, the band, the people and my mindset that left me feeling light and full at the same time as I drove away from Red Rocks. There haven’t been many times in my life when I’ve gotten to fulfill my wildest dreams. This experience brought me closer to the idea that life is about just that, dreaming something and making it happen.  This was a small victory for me and resulted in one hell of a memorable night. If you ever get the chance to visit Red Rocks, do not hesitate and make sure to wear your dancing shoes.  As well, if STS9 is rolling through your town be sure to give them a chance; I promise it is nothing that you expect and will bring color to your life in a myriad of ways.

image image


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