The Grandpa Incident


I woke up with a start in the middle of the night. After a time I realized it had only been a dream and I didn’t actually need to worry about proving my innocence. Apparently, I had been fidgeting all night as I wrestled with quite the drama playing out inside my head.

I dreamt that my friend was talking to me about the time I took the pills from her Grandpa’s house. Against my better judgment I let her persuade me that this happened, and I regaled the story to my boss at a hardware store where I used to work. My boss then texted the Grandpa and that’s when all the dream troubles began. The Grandpa sent me a nasty email detailing how I hard ruined his life, stolen his gun along with the pills, and sent him off to a life in jail.


It was no surprise I was tossing and turning, since in my dream I was running around trying to find my friend and get the true story from her so I could clear my name. I never had the gun, why would I take anyone’s pills?! I started to doubt my dream self; this event apparently happened years ago, could it be true? That’s when I found the note, hidden in an old scrapbook. It was written by another friends sister, it just said, “and today Laura took the drugs with her” and was signed.


I was dream-torn, should I burn the note? Could it be referring to the Grandpa incident, or maybe to something entirely different? Yes, that is how I would spin the story when they came for me. No need to show anyone the note…

Then I woke up.

I am glad that my dream self was already thinking on her feet, trying to solve the problem that was thrown at her. I will need to be watchful my ”friend” in real life; maybe this dream was foretelling her future betrayal of me! In all honesty, it was probably the multiple spoonfuls of cookie butter I had before bed; combined with the pounding rain we have had for days. I’ll just have to spend the day in a positive mindset and hope I never actually meet any of my friends Grandpas.


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