Secret weapon

I recently started a full time position at an office. This means a steady paycheck, a professional wardrobe, and habitual coffee brewing. I have always been a coffee drinker, starting in middle school and continuing throughout college; I love the taste and the caffeine and the feeling of cradling a warm cuppa joe on a cold day. But with the regularity of my 9 to 5, I started to get headaches on the weekends while I was away from that industrial machine and the local coffee bought to fuel it. No beast! Ye shall not possess my brain!


When I was visiting Colorado last month, I stopped by the Celestial Seasoning Tea Factory in Boulder to explore my deep love of tea; I have been drinking tea even longer than coffee. It was here that I was introduced to Fast Lane – a tea bag claiming to have more caffeine than one cup of coffee and less than an espresso.  It isn’t sold in stores, but they always keep it in stock at the factory as requested by the local college students. I thought, ‘this is my way out!’ and grabbed 2 boxes (along with a box of vanilla jasmine decaf and a wizard with a unicorn mug) to shove into my carry on and bring back as my secret weapon to defeat my coffee addiction.


And it’s actually been working! One cup of this tea definitely does not pack the same punch that a cup of coffee does, but it gives me a boost of energy in the morning and has cured my deprived headaches. It also tastes wonderful – smooth and savory with some spice added in. I love tea time, and refill my Jane Austen mug a least once a day. I’d also love any tea recommendations to add to my morning routine!


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