Make Situations Uncomfortable


I woke up appalled. I woke up with the conviction that I would never let anyone be uncomfortable in front of me. Last night I dreamt that I was out on the porch, chatting with my aunts, cousins and grandma. A woman I work with was part of my dream family, and she and I were talking over in a corner. We all seemed to be waiting for someone, when a man came from the back of the house to give us a report on some work he was doing back there.

He sat down on a bench and pulled my co-worker/family member down with him to discuss. He had his arm draped around her and she was visibly uncomfortable. Dream Laura immediately grabbed his arm to remove it from her shoulders while he protested “I just need to explain what is going on!” I was struggling with him while the woman tried to get away; and no one else helped us. They looked down at their feet and seemed to say “just let him have his way so he will give us the information and then leave.”

My dream changed to a family dinner and this event was only a small episode in my nighttime drama. I can’t remember how the episode ended, but it was the first thing I recalled when I woke up. I hope to always be like my dream self and stand up for others and make situations uncomfortable if that is the right thing to do.

I enjoy writing about my dream self. She is strong and helps me to realize the traits that are most important to cultivate within myself. It’s almost like my dream was practice for the corporeal world, to prepare me to stand up for women or anyone who needs backup. The strange thing is, I am not very close with the coworker I dreamt about – we don’t have anything in common and barely speak unless it’s relating to work. I wonder if she was just a figure my brain placed there or if there could be another reason she was a character in my dream. I’ll have to be sure to notice her more as the week goes on, just in case.


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