Monday Morning


I woke up this morning to the sound of rain hitting the window and birds chirping. What a wonderful way to wake up, although it took actually getting out of my warm bed and starting my day before I was able to realize; the rain was calming on this Monday morning and the birdsong made me happy to take on the day.

I pulled a card for myself before leaving for work, and it was the Knight of Pentacles. I have been pulling this card or the King of Pentacles consistently for weeks. I am interpreting this to mean that I really need to focus on being useful and working hard. I love my job, but sometimes it does take some inspiration to get me motivated.

He is hard-working, trustworthy and inventive, often producing unusual yet practical solutions which resolve otherwise intractable problems. As a friend he is non-judgemental and supportive, though capable of shedding new perspectives on situations. He’s generally a good listener, though he has little patience with histrionics and manipulation.

His approach to life overall is one of industrious practicality. He believes that all things yield to a determined will and well-directed activity.

*Angel Paths

Another thing that brought me joy this morning was this article by Darling Magazine. Such a beautiful story of healing and written with a very engaging tone. Happy Monday!


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