The Swing of Things

I really didn’t want to go to yoga tonight. I had stomach cramps all day and really wanted to continue eating cheese, crackers and chocolate truffles in my bed while watching YouTube (gotta love some Estee). But I knew going to my weekly class would make me feel good and probably help with my cramps. So, I somehow managed to roll out of bed, grab my mat and drive through the rain to class.

I was a little late so I had to take one of the dreaded open spots in the front. I started practice not really feeling great about myself. I have been practicing yoga for over 10 years, so I know how to do most poses. But how well I am able to do them fluctuates with how regular my practice is; this is the second month of regular practice after a year of spotty attempts, so I am still getting into the swing of things.

After warming up and deciding to forget about how I felt in my body, I realized something awesome as the rain tapped gently against the windows. I felt powerful as I rose into warrior. I felt strong and comfortable leaning into my forward knee, with my arms only slightly wobbly stretched above my head. I haven’t felt this way in a long time. I was rewarded for challenging my sloth-like ego by stretching my chest open further than I have for months.

Being at the studio brings me such peace at the beginning of every week. I need to remember this feeling I have right now whenever I think about skipping class. It not only helps to alleviate my physical problems, but also gives me the space to process some of the horrible things happening in our world. If anyone reading is interesting in trying out yoga, Yoga With Adriene has some great starter videos.



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