The Call of Nature


Last night I dreamt that I was visiting my boyfriends family home. We were waiting for the family to get ready and pile into a van to go to a museum. I waited until the last minute, threw on some shorts (in dream winter…) and a red shirt. I was slowly putting on mascara as everyone waited for me in the van when I woke up to the call of nature.

The second adventure of my night was more detailed. I was at a pool in a Disneyland type place with my family, when I decided I needed something from the locker room. I waltzed over to the locker room of my high school years and it was empty except for a couple of police men patrolling the room. That isn’t the part the alarmed me. I skipped down to my locker to retrieve what I wanted and heard one say “what women don’t understand is that guys have to pay for dates as well as their own lifestyle, how is that fair!” As I skipped out, I said “You can pay for dates because women make 23% less in salaries.”*


I got outside the locker room and ran into a friend from elementary school. I told him what happened and he gave me a high five. As I returned to the pool I ran into another friend from elementary school and she walked with me to hear my story. I ended up outside telling a man with dreads and his daughter at a smoothie stand.

I don’t think corporeal me would have had the quick wit to say what Dream Laura did! I am very proud of her and hope to remember that comeback if I ever need it in real life (let’s face it – I will). This is another example tof Dream Laura is manifesting what I worry about and preparing me for the real world.

Thanks girl!

*I’m not positive on the accuracy of that number, this is what Dream Laura said. I’ll be sure to get the facts straight before wielding any numbers in public.


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