My Week in Objects

I thought I would give this format a try. I have really enjoy reading other peoples renditions ever since I first saw this done on Tender Roots. Here goes:

  1. This salt lamp. I set it up in my office to bring some light and warmth to the grey, rainy days of winter.image
  2. This Origins Active Charcoal Mask, because now that it’s almost gone I realize how much I love it. Ain’t that how life always goes?image
  3. This dress from Old Navy, UGH! It’s the sweatshirt dress of my dreams.image
  4. These Yankee Candle vent sticks, because they keep my car smelling fresh and cozy. I was scared to use them at first, for fear they would be too overwhelming; they are actually quite charming.image
  5. Lastly, my yoga mat, as I am ever so happy to be back to a regular practice (twice a week now!)image

One thought on “My Week in Objects

  1. Glad that you like this kind of post as well!
    I desperately need to start doing yoga again. Maybe if I make it a standing weekly appt in my planner, I will stick to it for 2016!


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