Awkward magic

The other night, I attended a party at an amazing, witchy bar. It is called Arcana, and from that name alone I bet you conjured up the exact vibe and décor of the place – dim, vintage, and ethereal are the words I use.


This is a bar lovingly put together by the two women who own and run it. When you walk down the stairs to enter Arcana, you are welcomed by wafting music and beautiful pictures all over the green walls. However, the bar might be the best part. Unique drinks aplenty, crafted from the minds of the knowledgeable owner/bartenders and served on a regal, gold filigree bar.

I even got my cards read here, by a lovely local woman using the most beautiful deck.


It was a wonderful evening, full of laughter and thoughtfulness, drinks and tarot. I am happy to have found a welcoming bar to relax in for a drink after work or to encourage deep conversations with friends and strangers on the weekends. Seems like I am on the way to finding my tribe – please refer to the awkward/magic chart in the bathroom.



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