We needed margaritas


As the snow and freezing rain pelt down and fog up my window, I feel very inspired to write about last weekend. Last weekend was warm, and filled with friends and laughter. I drove down to Charlotte with my best friend to visit our recently Mrs.ed other best friend; we explored the city and made inappropriate jokes, things classy girls are wont to do when reunited.

I had been dying to visit Buffalo Exchange forever, and the store did not disappoint. The selection of apparel was funky and cool, as were the people working there. I would highly recommend visiting the store if you are in need of awesome sun glasses or leopard print boots. Say hello to Nicole for me while you’re there!


After shopping, we needed margaritas from Cabo Fish Taco. There is nothing better than a marg with awesome, silly people you’ve known for too long. Except for maybe brunch and a bloody mary with them at the Dandelion Market the next morning…

img_0256     img_0257

I returned from my trip feeling light and content with the world. It was such a great way to have my week start – spending time with my best friends, laughing and talking about everything. If anyone has any recommendations of cool places in Charlotte, please let me know. I hope to be visiting and exploring more soon! Once the snow and ice have cleared, that is.



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