Quality of life



When I started this blog it was mainly out of boredom. I wanted a creative outlet because I felt like there wasn’t any art in my life anymore. I have always been interested and wanted to work with music – it is what I dedicated my college years to. Now that I have graduated and work at a (wonderful) desk job, I am starting to notice some differences in my quality of life. I am  no longer surrounded by creative and artistic people like I was in school and it is harder for me to actively seek out such environments.

This blog was the initial effort to change. Something to help me find a path to creativity; and I must say it has helped. I find myself wanting to take beautiful pictures and thinking of witty and fun things to write. I also began to recognize my passion for spirituality and have started making more space for that in my life.

At the moment, I don’t have a hobby – an activity that I enjoy devoting a lot of energy to in my free time. This makes me feel pretty lazy and unmotivated. I get home from a long day at work and just want to chill out and watch YouTube videos. But I want to make the effort to make this blog my hobby, because I do enjoy it. I am going to put no demands or plans for the future on this endeavor, except to entertain and find myself (in the least cringe worthy way possible).

So. As a matter of archival business, here is a list of things I want to focus on on this hear online journal.

  1. Spirituality – I want to chronicle my tarot readings, my yoga endeavors and the crazy dreams I have at night. Being confident in my spirit leads to my confidence throughout life.
  2. Adventures – I love to travel and make it my goal to get out of town once a month. I want to write about these trips as well as fun activities found in my own back yard.
  3. Skin care – Honestly, I am just obsessed these days. I go on and on and on to my friends who could care less, but politely listen. I’ll take those ravings to the blog, shall I?
  4. Emooootions – I want to write about how I feel! I am a super emotional person and writing down my thoughts is such a great way for me to get through any blocks and find out whats really going on inside of me.

When I inevitably start feeling unmotivated, I can look back on this post and see why I started doing this in the first place. I am excited about making an effort and am looking forward to what comes of this, in both my personal and online life.


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