This has been a week of ups and downs, but I can tell I am getting better at always looking on the bright side of life (*whistles perfectly*). Thought I would make a nice little list of the 5 things that have inspired me this week.

  1. This Porter Magazine. I bought last months issue with Emma Watson on the cover and fell in love with the photography and interesting articles. Such an empowering magazine! This issue is all about Women of Strength. img_0363

2. This diary inspired by Paulo Coelho. Although I can not for the life of me pronounce his last name, Paulo is one of my all time favorite authors. In this yearly planner, I write down my dreams first thing in the morning – it has been a calming way to start the day as I reflect on my dreams and peruse some of his best quotes. img_0364

3. This empty box of chocolates. It was Valentines day last weekend and this box lasted, tops, 2 hours.img_0365

4. This sweater – hands down my best thrift store find. I have loved this for years, and most recently, have not been able to peel it off me this week.


5. This vanilla bourbon candle by Spit Fire Girl. I bought this via the coolest store around, Gypsy Jule, and it has certainly kept me company through many a long, cold evening. It’s a tiny candle but it will burn cleanly forever because it is soy.


And that’s it for now! Cheers to a happy weekend and a better next week.


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