Embrace and recharge

I decided to do a reading on a particularly cold and rainy day. I had just received some heartbreaking news and knew that this is what I needed.

The High Priestess

Four of Swords

Five of Swords


This was a good reminder to me that not all reading are going to show you a wonderful life ahead of you, full of rainbows and happiness – no life path is ever so clear and untroubled. But readings of all type do show you hope.

With the calming presence of the High Priestess guiding me, I am able to listen to my intuition and see what may not be entirely clear to the eyes. I am glad to know that she is guiding me and I am willing to embody her nature. The Four of Swords brings a respite and I will gladly take this time to recharge. Instead of being knocked down by disappointment, with the Five of Swords I will embrace my vulnerability and put in effort to get through any sadness or setback with simplicity and honesty.

Happy Monday and remember, there is always hope.


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