Day Three – Last Night

Last night I stayed at work late. I had my ups and downs and arrived at my parents house with the resolve to stay in my lane.

Last night I had a cocktail while I chatted with my mom about our days, my brother, my grandparents, our philosophies and music. My father came home and we all enjoyed chicken pot pie, a treat, as my mom rarely makes it. Then we sat around the kitchen table and planned out a trip we are hoping to take to California at the end of this year. We started on google maps and decided what we wanted to see and experience, where we wanted to stay and how long we wanted to spend in a car.

Last night I got home pretty late. I was tired but full of hope. I love my parents and I don’t spend as much time with them as I should. I am now super excited about this potential trip, as none of us have been to California before and we are all looking forward to driving along the coast. I forgot all about my turbulent day at work.

Last night I went to bed dreaming about big waves and lush forests.


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