Day Five – Soft Focus

Well, I already missed a day because it was the weekend and I plum forgot! But I will carry on anyways.

Soft focus. To be honest, I am sitting here trying to think of where to go with this one. Is there something I have seen putting a filter over in my life? Is there a photography reference I can make? Maybe I can write about how I have been meaning to learn photoshop but I can never find the time. Or how I feel  like my friend group is slowly splintering around me and I have only just now noticed.

But no, I would like to write something positive. Except, I have been focusing really hard on getting my career and work life on track that my social life must have fallen by the way side a little bit. But I wouldn’t say this was exactly all my fault; I just don’t enjoy doing the same things as my oldest friends. Everyone has found their own friend group and I do not fit into them. I do not feel abandoned, or even purposefully left out. I just stepped back from social life and this is the consequence for putting a soft focus on my friends.

Hm. Interesting turn this post took. I only just came to this conclusion this morning and while I am not upset, this issue might start to bother me soon. I’m sure I will be writing about it again throughout the course of this challenge.

Happy Sunday Morning!


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