Day Six – Heartache

I have only had my heart broken by a boy once. It was rough and still embarrassing to think about to this day. But heartbreak can come from other places as well.

I am quite an empathetic person. I often put myself in other’s situations instead of simply sympathizing with someone who is hurting. I have had many friends who have lost a family member and my heart has broken each time. When one of my friends hurt, I hurt.

There is often a lot to be sad about in the world, but there is also so much beauty and wonders to feel joy over. At the same time my heart aches for women who are having their rights stolen or children who never have a warm place to sleep, my heart also aches for the happiness in the eyes of my friend who just got accepted to medical school and the joy I feel when hiking up a mountain I’ve never been to before. Does heartache always need to have negative connotation? Can I also ache with empathy for the beauty those around me experience?

I say yes.


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