Day Eight – Ritual

This came up in my life recently, the thought if rituals. I was feeling very materialistic when I decided to hop on the Birchbox train and later that day also bought a new face oil. I was thinking about why I spend money on nice skin care and “bathroom essentials” when I could be saving.

When someone asked me to do something one the evening, after I had already had dinner, I felt my well of anxiety crop up. No, I cannot do anything right now! I have to wash my face and moisturize and get ready for bed! Without time for my evening rituals, I felt anxious.

That’s when I realized I was using the oldest tool in the book to deal with my anxiety without even realizing it! At the end of the day, I look forward to taking a shower with nice shampoo, washing my face with a silky face wash and applying a lovely serum that will sink in before bed. I then moisturize my body and put on my fluffy robe, ready to relax into bed with a cup of tea and watch some YouTube or read.

I love my rituals and don’t mind that I have come to rely on them. I don’t actually spend a ton of money on things, so it is nice to have a good reason to splurge. I do believe that this has helped with not only controlling my anxiety, but also my insomnia. It’s like telling my body that it can get ready for sleep and stop worrying well before it needs to shut down.

I am fascinated by the fact that this is another new discovery I have made about myself recently. This challenge has really brought to light the power and change 2016 has charmed out in me!

Does anyone else have a night time (or anytime really) ritual that is important to them?


3 thoughts on “Day Eight – Ritual

  1. Amber Choisella

    I do and it’s really weird… I HAVE to have the television on either on Adult Swim, Peanuts DVD, or Twister, set on sleep for 60 minutes before I go to sleep. If I’m not at home then Adult Swim will have to do, on sleep for 60 minutes. Very ritualistic. 🙂

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