Day Seven – The Taste of a Memory

Forgot another day. I blame yesterday on a tough new yoga class, so difficult that I couldn’t type on my laptop…

Anyhoo, the taste of most of my memories is sour. I am the type of person who constantly remembers all the embarrassing things I have done over the years and lets them get me down. Of course I have good memories too – I like to think I am a fairly well rounded person. But I often find myself reminiscing on some awkwardness of the past and saying to myself “good lord woman, you are so stupid. I hate you.”

How awful is that! And I only noticed that I do this recently. So now, when I taste a sour memory I consciously change my wording and tell myself – no! LP is my friend, be nice! I am trying my hardest to no longer let my past dictate my present and future. It is hard, but I am reassured because I can taste the sweetness of my memories, too.



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