Everything I Need

I got halfway into the month before I stopped the 30 Day Writing Challenge. Not that I found it too overwhelming, I just forgot about it after a busy week. The prompts stopped inspiring me, and I chose other activities over writing because of that. I also felt a little stifled when I didn’t feel like I could write about the things that interested me – on my own blog!

Maybe I’ll pick it up again at another time. But for now, it was an activity that was not serving me and I see no point in keeping something in my life just to finish it. Like keeping a smelly perfume your aunt gave you, just to show her the empty bottle.

Today, I wanted to write about another lifestyle choice that has helped to free me.

I have always known I was a sucker for good advertising. But recently, I have noticed that I don’t know where my money goes! Not that I am in financial trouble, I just seem to spend willy-nilly on whatever my heart desires in the moment – NOT a good habit to continue.

I decided to not spend any money for one month – except on necessities (toothpaste, groceries, gas) or if there is something really fun I want to do with friends. I didn’t anticipate it being so hard not to use a coupon for concealer (which I don’t even wear) or to spend money on shipping to try “free” samples. Wow! Marketing really does have a firm grasp around my throat, and was tightening every day.

But now, after a little over a week, I feel really free. Every time I look at something and think I want to buy it, I just say to myself no – and then I forget about it. I’m no longer constantly worrying if I should spend the money or not, or how much I should spend on lunches out this week. I have everything I need.

I hope this new mind set stays with me. I hate feeling like a simple consumer, a sheep in the herd. I enjoy products and buying new clothes, but it was really starting to overwhelm my life. Now I can focus on using the awesome things I already have and saving my money for the things that matter to me – travel and time with my loved ones.

(But if you want a coupon code for anything Glossier, let me know, ’cause it’s a good one.)


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