Downward, dog

Recently I have been feeling a bit of anxiety around blogging. I want to write awesome and witty content, but I don’t always know where to begin. Maybe that is because I haven’t found my niche yet – the 30 Day Writing Challenge was a great way to loosen me up, but it had guidelines that let me step back from the conceptual process. I’ve written about this feeling before so I went back to read my Quality of Life post for inspiration. I read so many fantastic blogs and I wonder where those bloggers find their drive and creativity! I would love to tap into that well…

Until I find that fountain of blog-youth, I will stick to writing about my emoootions and throw in some yoga (please see #4 in the previously mentioned post).


I found a new yoga class and teacher that is a step up from my previous level. This new class is a serious struggle for me most Mondays, as I attempt to balance my body on my forearms and thrust my legs out into space. But I love it!

Yesterday, however, I went through the class feeling very frustrated. My wrists and hips hurt and I couldn’t make my body do what I wanted and I almost cried at one point. I have known for a while that I  struggle with half moon pose, but it crept up on me and made me feel so low. But I got through it. I finished class and left feeling ok. It is going to take a while for me to accept that my body just cannot do some things, no matter how much yoga I practice or flexible I get, so I will need to be creative to achieve my goals.

I feel as though I really brought my current life onto the mat. I have been feeling pretty blocked recently and I let that settle into my mind and carry me downward, dog. I need to let this be a reminder to let go. Because once I let go, I will be mentally light enough to mentally throw my legs through the air and mentally accomplish anything set before me.


4 thoughts on “Downward, dog

  1. MuslimYogini

    I’ve been feeling similar frustrations with my body this week in yoga. I overdid it a bit last week and have dealt with muscle soreness that has been a real obstacle. I can’t even hold poses I usually can, and it’s been hard to deal with that. I want you to know though that if you work with your body and not against it, that you will be able to do everything in good time. Sthira and sukka, steadiness and ease, are the key. Establish your strength from your core and open to grace in every pose. Once you can find that point of stillness mentally, you will find it physically too in half-moon pose. Warmest wishes to you!


    1. Thank you so much for this! It truly brightened my day. These are the lessons yoga teaches us through our bodies, mindfulness both physical and mental. So great to always be reminded of this and that I am not alone in this journey. I hope you are healed soon and back on the mat!


  2. Amber Choisella

    Just write how you feel when you feel it! I love yoga and have been told I’m good at it but allow your body to acclimate to the form it feels it needs to grow into, it’ll never steer you wrong! 🙂

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