Mindset and truffles

Oh April, thank you for being the busiest month ever and for teaching me to expand in my patience!

This busy season occurred as a result of work combined with the personal stress that comes with being a young woman growing up today. Nothing unique, but quite difficult all the same. In the midst of this turmoil I decided I needed to get involved more for my own well being. I chose to attend a yoga philosophy class at my studio, a place I have become very fond of and feel quite comfortable at.

I was nervous going in, not knowing what to expect and having missed the first session. But I should have known I would leave smiling. I love my teacher and there was such interesting discussion around the yoga sutras; not something I am used to talking about! Also one woman brought in various homemade raw chocolates… I am still craving them.

One thing I came away with, unexpectedly, is that I really want to up my at home yoga practice. I go to the studio for class once a week and will sometimes start my day with a sun salutation or wheel. But after seeing how advanced these women were and hearing them talk about what they like to practice at home, I realized the only way I am going to get comfortable with crow or even get close to trying a handstand is by practicing more than once a week.

I am not sure what this practice I have planned in my head is going to look like. I have always shied away from doing yoga at home because I worry that I won’t do the pose right, or that I won’t know what to do. Which is ridiculous because that is not what practicing yoga is about, and also, I have been doing yoga for over 10 years… I do know a couple of poses. I guess I was scared I wouldn’t do them in the correct order, or not push myself hard or fast enough for it to be worth while. That is the mindset I am hoping to change.

To anyone out there, what does your at home practice look like? I am going to start with videos on how to do a couple things I am unsure of like crow and chaturanga then see where I can go from there.

I am determined to have a regular practice going for next months session. Also, to have perfected a couple recipes for raw chocolate truffles.


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