Introduced to the magic

One night, my friend Kelsey was out at a local bar when she spotted a man she had seen around before. After a while, she finally got up the courage to go up and talk to him. She introduced herself and said “I have to ask; you have the most amazing skin, what do you do!?”

And that is how she, and in turn I, was introduced to the magic that is kojic acid soap. This mystery man spoke with her at length about his routine, but the one thing he wanted her to come away with was that she needed to try kojic acic. This little, orange bar of skin brightening goodness had completely changed the texture of my skin. It lightens dark spots and gently exfoliates, making all other cleaners (except oil for makeup removal) null and void.


NULL AND VOID I SAY! If I don’t use this soap twice a day, my skin freaks out and I understand why. I haven’t had a pimple since I started using it and I no longer even see the need for foundation. Coming from a gal with chronic dry skin and red patches everywhere, this has actually made a significant change in my life. I feel so much more confident and am enjoying my evening routine even more now that I can see the results.

That being said, if I do want a little coverage I always opt for the Glossier skin tint in medium. This has the best sheer coverage for dry skin I have yet to try. It smoothes out all my imperfections in the best way. Honestly, I am loving any and everything from Glossier these days – that company has the best marketing and I can feel it sucking me in every time they come out with a new product (I am still waiting impatiently for them to restock the stretch concealer, so I had to buy the priming moisturizer AND a terrycloth headband to hold me over…)


One last item I would like to give props to are the [Cosrx] Acne Pimple Master Patches. I got these before I started using my new favorite soap, and they do an amazing job of stopping pimples in their tracks. They were only $5 but took literally a month to arrive. Other than that, no complaints here!


The only other recommendation I can think to include at this point is Outlander. Please. If you like TV and have eyes, watch this show. You and your newly perfect skin will thank me.



3 thoughts on “Introduced to the magic

  1. Amber Choisella

    Awesome find Laura! Oh and I love your Himalayan salt lamp! I have one with an USB attachment so it changes colors…. you’re amazing!!!!


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