Words are so beautiful

When I’m not laying in my bed watching YouTube videos back to back, I am searching for motivation and inspiration. I am driven both by my desire to create and my love of lounging in repose. It makes for an exciting and eventful life, let me assure you.

Luckily, while scrolling through Instagram I discovered Jo Rodgers. She writes for British Vogue and has the most charming turn of phrases that make every square picture seem like a warm, tiny window I would love to peep into.

I was up with the shipping forecast this morning. The kettle was boiling by “Milford Haven” and I was perched on the radiator with the newspaper, weighing the need for tea against the freezing floors on the way to the kitchen. Hours later I filled a mug and took a walk around the neighbourhood, wondering who else might be inside on their heaters.

I love stumbling upon inspiring people in unexpected ways. Jo Rodgers inspires me to write. I never think I am very good, and I don’t often work up the energy to press pause on a video, but her words are so beautiful that I can’t help but want to try.

Who inspires and motivates you?


One thought on “Words are so beautiful

  1. Amber Choisella

    I just have to say that I LOVE your jacket on the side photo of you and your family I assume?!

    But for your post question…. nature and forests normally inspire me. I have been experiencing a rough patch of anxiety and when I venture out into nature I come out feeling clearer and balanced! Nice to read another one of your post!


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