Reassurance from myself


I have been avoiding doing a tarot reading for quite some time now.

Last night I woke up and couldn’t fall back asleep. After a couple of hours trying to distract myself with Candy Crush and a book, I decided to do a reading. I was in a semi delirious state at this time so I was unsure what I would see or how I would interpret it. But of course, the outcome was reassuring and exactly the right message to bring me peace – if not help me get to sleep, as my eyes continued to roam around the back of my skull until the alarm twinkled to life.

Why was I so hesitant to get reassurance from myself? I recently found this note on my phone from December 10, 2015:

The day felt full of synchronicities and it wasn’t necessarily a good thing. I was worried and anxious all day but didn’t know why, felt like I was making all the wrong choices. Had to remember that there are no wrong choices and to trust. Even if that isn’t true, believing it gives me hope

It is exactly how I have been feeling recently! I was scared of the signs around me, meaning scared of what was in my head. But now, I have definitely seen a shift. I perceive the signs I am seeing as reassurances instead of being there to dissuade me. I know this is all due to mindset and I need to be braver and stronger to continue to see with such clarity.

Doing readings helps, must remember that.


One thought on “Reassurance from myself

  1. Amber Choisella

    I too have been feeling the same. I gave myself an oracle reading about a couple of weeks ago if not last week, my memory is unremarkably hazy… finding a way throughout the madness is a journey, well at least it isn’t a boring path to go lol!

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