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Amber is one of the first people I met through this blog and has become one of my favorite people to read. Her posts are somehow always exactly what I need to hear at any given moment and never fail to make me question the way I think about life. As a newly licensed lifestyle investigator, I now have the excuse to ask her how she pulls off the amazing work the shares on her blog, thefreespirited.

I know that you will find her just as interesting and engaging as I do. If you have any further questions about her unbelievable journey, feel free to head over to her blog and make contact. I promise, she won’t bite!

Face of Anxiety
Who are you?
I am no one, yet everything you are made out of. I am a 27 year wise woman who resides 20 minutes outside of  Sacramento, CA. Yes, I am a Sacramentian. I am in grad school studying mental health counseling, my second year, got two more to go before I graduate and years after to apply and become a licensed counselor. On top of that I have taken a mediumship course through my church’s association (National Spiritualist Churches Association) and am almost ready to test for my certification AND I am taking courses with the University of Metaphysics. I am working on a Master’s in Metaphysics. The end result is to earn my Doctorate for metaphysical counseling because I believe there’s more that can be done to assist people than just traditional approaches and psychological theories. I’m just an old soul working towards enlightenment of self and display and hand for others. I consider myself to be a “Spiritualist, sensitive or an intuitive” because the term psychic medium is too cliche. I am thefreespirited.
What makes you  feel powerful?
I feel powerful when I can resonate with what I’m learning and what I’m experiencing. I feel important when someone reaches out to me and tells me that I’ve helped them or feel that I can help them. I feel an interconnectedness whenever this happens.
What do you dream of?
I dream of being one of out of many who brings love and harmony to a world in desperate need of both.
What are you creating?
I am working on law of attraction and creating a reality for my wants and desires. Being a grad student leads to a very frugal life, and very is an understatement. I am creating a space in time for me to be able to do what I love and do naturally and that is to help others and be enriched for it. Value comes in many different ways: confirmation, satisfaction of helping others, teaching others and have them grasp the concepts, and of course monetary value. I don’t envision a life of monetary wealth but instead of a life that consists of all that I have mentioned. We set out a thought into the Universe, do the work required, and the Universe will give what was asked.
Why Blog?
I blog to write poetry and to talk about my spirituality and metaphysical beliefs and experiences in hopes of connecting with others who share the same purpose. We are all interconnected with one another in one form or another.I want to uplift and empower other souls to assist them on their own journeys. It’s part of my life purpose, this lifetime.
Kate's Oregon Picture
** All pictures provided by Amber

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