Moon Mask

I am sick. I have a cold and the front half of my whole head is numb. And thankfully, I have an active volcano on my chin! This red giant has forced me to focus a bit more on my skin these days, which has led me to act preventatively instead of post sinus infection traumaMoon mask

I have put on a moisturizing mask.

My healed self is going to be so thankful that my sick self remembered to tend to her dry, cold, fluey skin! I am now sitting cozy in bed with a warm cup of tea , a shot of NyQuil waiting for me and the Glossier Moisturizing Moon Mask slathered on generously.

Say what you will, this brand does actually work for me. I am very aware that I have bought into their hype, but I love it. The Moon Mask is like a really thick gel, or a slightly watered down moisturizer. It is comfortable to wear for an hour or so while watching Vikings (or whatever relaxes you) and after it washes away, my skin is so plump and happy. It feels really luxurious for an affordable mask, and looks great on your #itgtopshelfie, too.Moon mask 2

After passing out from the aforementioned shot, I plan on waking up tomorrow hydrated inside and out and ready to take on world, spotty chin first.



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