Beach Camping

This past weekend I went camping at the beach. Yes, it was forecasted to snow/rain on Sunday morning, but Saturday found us driving down the highway, blasting Kanye and picturing a perfect beach getaway with our puppy in the back seat. While we did end up leaving in the middle of the night, after discovering our toes had frozen solid, I got a couple pictures of a great day.


That was the night of the full moon, so of course I did a reading. My anxiety has been sky rocketing recently but I’m positive and happy, so I was unsure what the moon would provide. I pulled the Knight of Pentacles (the same card I get every reading – not a joke, I pull this almost every reading I give myself), The Sun and the Six of Cups. Seems like I need to work hard and be vigilant!

If you have any advice on what the continual pulling of the Knight of Pentacles could mean, please let me know!



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