Sample Queen

I probably could have called this blog Sample Queen, for that is what I am. I just checked and it is available, but whatever, that’s not my point. I subscribe to Birchbox to get my monthly fix of new things, but I have also been known to make a random purchase from Sephora just to get one of those multi sample packs, you know the ones I’m talking about. I can’t be stopped, gotta try em all!

I know it is hard to get a sense of a product from just one use, but I’m really just in this for the pure joy of slapping something cool on my face. And I like to think I have a pretty good idea about what will work for me once I’ve given it a try.

So, here is a round up of all the little sample sachets I have tried recently:

BeliefBelif – The True Cream

A friend of mine couldn’t recommend this enough after it cured her of a bad bought of winter skin, so I was super excited to give this a try. I saved it for a low key, relaxed day when I knew I wanted to focus on healing my dry skin. First off, this stuff smells amazing. Lovely and citrusy but not overwhelming at all. It was also just as moisturizing as promised. I really enjoyed this! I would totally buy the full size if I didn’t have two others on the go already.

Farmacy – Eye Dew

Now, I am not one for buying into eye cream, but I got two of these so wanted to give them a fair try. I slathered this on one night, under my eyes as well as behind my ears and up my neck, those random places that can get dry overnight. This felt thick but was not overwhelming and I woke up feeling dewy. A little goes a long way; one little packet lasted me three nights! It does have quite an odd smell, I must say. Slightly licorice? But still quite fresh and nice.

Estee EditThe Estee Edit – Overnight Water Pack

I was pretty excited to try this, as my face has recently been unbearably dry. I did a gentle exfoliation and patted this in for the evening. It felt nice to put on, very gel-like and lightly scented as it sunk into my skin nicely. It did feel a bit sticky on my pillow by bedtime, but it was definitely still doing its thing in the morning. My skin is much plumper now. Again, not sure if this is something I need in my life everyday, but a very pleasurable experience.

Sunday Riley – Tidal and Good GenesSunday Riley

UHH I love Good Genes. I bought a sample a while back and was surprised that people weren’t lying about how amazing it is. This stuff is just magic. It makes your skin flawless and I don’t mind the cucumber-esque smell one bit. I was very excited about my sample of Tidal, even though I don’t often get along with gel moisturizers. This stuff was also a delight. And also has a strange smell. Disclosure, I did wear it over Good Genes, which makes everything work better, but my face was still dewy and hydrated at the end of a long day with these two paired up. As I doubt I’ll ever be bold enough to splurge for a full sized GG, I am considering getting a small pot of Tidal as a treat!


Caudalie – Premier Cru

I was saving this eye cream for a night when I knew my scaly skin would appreciate it. I have never tried anything from Caudalie before and this looked very luxurious, so I donned my silk robe and twisted my hair up for the inaugural application. And hold up a minute is this concealer? I swear this eye cream has some coverage because I was looking very bright eyed and bushy tailed right before bed! I woke up with hydrated under eyes, but I think I will save the rest of this for day time use, when other people will really get the most out of it.

This has been my favorite post to write so far. It gave me a reason to finally get through all my small samples instead of hoarding them, as I have done before. I would love to hear any thoughts you have about these products and also to hear what you’ve been trying and loving!


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