Face Test -Algenist

I’ve been at it again. I recently made a very exciting purchase online and with it came the Bright & Brilliant – Real Results Challenge with Algenists Genius Ultimate Anti-Aging Vitamin C Serum. What a mouthful! Not one to say no (that’s a lie, I decline salads and club nights on the reg), I am bravely lending my face to this test of willpower.


There are 10 packets of the serum in here, but the directions say to use this twice a day for 10 days. I guess it’s up to me to portion out each sachet. Anti-aging is not a real concern of mine at the moment; being 24 and mostly worried about acne and dryness, but nevertheless, here we go:

Day One

Morning: This. Serum. Smells. Amazing. It has a heavy vanilla and chocolate scent that almost had me salivating. I honestly can’t remember how this felt upon application because the smell was all I could focus on. I believe it was light and gel like, but we’ll have to wait until this evening to get more accurate. I put my moisturizer on top, and while my acne hasn’t flared, I am pretty red at the moment. Hopefully that changes. I’m off to find some cake now.

Evening: I have just reapplied the serum to a clean face. I guess I didn’t do the best job portioning out the packet because there wasn’t very much product for my night treatment. However, there was enough for me to get a better feel for it! The texture is very smooth and light, just as a serum should be. It absorbs into the skin really well and instantly makes my face feel smooth, thanks to the silicones in it (not sure how I feel about this yet). I definitely used too much this morning, so will adjust for the future. So far so good. Wish me luck!

Day Two

Morning: I washed my face as usual and patted on the serum, ready for a new day. It does sink in nicely and goes well under moisturizer. I’m not sure if it’s the weekend vibes or this serum, but my skin is looking radiant today! There are a couple of pimples peeking through, but I will persevere.

Evening: There were just a few too many white heads popping into the world for my liking, so tonight after I washed my face I splashed on some Pixi Glow Tonic before the serum. Hoping this can dry out some of the spots and help the Algenist sink deeper. Sleep tight!

Day Three

Morning: Nope. Not happy with my skin this morning. I skipped the serum in favor of Good Genes to help soothe my red, unhappy skin. Will revisit the serum again this evening. Ugh, this is not how I wanted to start a Monday!

Evening: Phew! Throughout today my skin has really calmed down. I have washed my face and applied my glow tonic. Once this sinks in I am going to put on some of the serum and see how we do tomorrow morning. Sweet dreams.


Day Four

Morning: Well, I’d say I’ve given this a good try, wouldn’t you? This product just isn’t working for me, and that’s ok because it really wasn’t made for my skin type. This would be great for older skin or someone looking to plump wrinkles. This serum has really great short term effects on me, so I will definitely be saving it for a long haul flight I have coming up. But the silicon in it was not so good to me after multiple uses. I never thought of this as a problem before, but now I know that it really blocks my pores and keeps all the bad stuff in.

Although I have not found a new “super product”, this was a fun couple of days. Now that I am over the trauma of fresh acne, I definitely have new appreciation for the products that truly help me (am I talking about friends or skincare? I don’t know any more). If you loved this product, let me know how it works for you! Happy sampling –


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