Underwhelming products

I find these posts to be some of the most helpful when making skincare and makeup purchasing decisions. I hate buying a product that everyone loves, only to find that it doesn’t work for me. So, here are a couple of products I didn’t like, and why.

CliniqueClinique Take the Day Off

Every time I use my sample of this cult classic, my eyes go foggy and I have to use something else to actually get my makeup, and this cleanser, off. I was so pumped to finally try this, but I hate using it around my eyes! It doesn’t actually remove anything and makes the world have a blurry filter until I thoroughly rinse my eyes out. Am I using this wrong? Maybe I’m not using enough, or not warming it up in my hands correctly before hand? Help!

Benefit Roller Lash MascaraRoller Lash

Not skin care, but something I did attempt to put on my face. I have never been picky when it comes to mascara, as almost anything will do for me in this category. However, this product got on my nerves so much at work one day, I ended up running out to my car to scrub off all of my makeup with a gym face wipe! It always felt too thick and gloopy on my lids and didn’t even make my lashes look any better. Maybe the wand is different in the sample tubes, but I was very disappointed with my first high-end mascara encounter.

Dr. Brandt Microdermabrasion

I just don’t like this. It doesn’t really get rid of my dead skin and leaves me kind of splotchy. It doesn’t actually exfoliate. Compared to Kate Somerville Exfolicate, this is the clear loser. On my dry skin there are no benefits to this; my serum doesn’t sink into my skin faster, my face isn’t radiant and I am just left feeling raw and red…not things I need help with. Suffice to say, I will be rehoming any more samples I get of this.

I hope this has been helpful! If you love any of this products please let me know how you use them. ❤


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