Face fast

Is this a thing? Gelcream mentioned face fasting in a recent post and I remembered that I used to do this quite often to detox. I usually use the weekends as a time to try out new products, so I thought it might be nice to dedicate Sunday to face fasting. We’ll see how many I get through! Let’s get started:

Week 1 of Face Fast

I washed my face this morning and that’s it. No moisturizer, no toner or oil. Nothing. It’s pretty cold out and I have dry skin, so I knew I’d be fairly uncomfortable today but man, I forgot how bad dry skin feels. I am visibly peeling, too. I don’t even want my dog to see me like this! I have had a really unproductive Sunday and the thought of going outside to grocery shop or do anything is not appealing in the slightest. It is really interesting how this has affected my confidence. I go out without makeup on all the time, but not without my skin at least feeling nice. I am really looking forward to exfoliating and slapping on some serum tonight.

Mid week update:

I decided to do a mini fast and not put anything on my face Wednesday night. My skin was feeling so congested and splotchy and I didn’t know what to do, so I didn’t do anything (classic hero complex here). I really believe this has helped and I am very curious to see if there are any changes to my feelings this upcoming Sunday.

Week 2:

I was actually looking forward to fasting today! My skin was definitely not as tight this time, perhaps it is getting used to breathing. I even ventured outside without a stitch on except for some Vaseline around my dry nose, as I have run into my boss at the dog park before. Overall, a much more successful fasting day and my spa night at the end was just as lovely.

Week 3 and 4:

Ok so I’ll be honest, as the weather has warmed up I find myself being more active and going out on Sundays, instead of doing laundry and lounging in bed all day. As someone with skin insecurities, this has made it difficult to leave the house with nothing on. Who wants a flaky chin while your getting Sunday brunch? Not me and my bloody mary, that’s for sure. So I have been doing half-day fast days, as in, not putting anything on until right before I leave the house. I have also stopped using product every single night, saving my Midnight Recovery Oil for every other night and going bare faced in between.

And I think its been working. As in, when I do use product, my face drinks it up instead of getting used to anything. I also love giving my skin time to breathe and produce its own oil, hopefully training it to not be so dependent on Clinique Moisture Surge (don’t go baby, I need you. I didn’t mean it!)

On a whole, I would say this experiment was a success. I have come to look at my skincare in a completely different way. And now that I have finished writing this, on a Sunday morning without anything on my face, I think I am going to stay true to my fast today and leave the house as I am. Take me baby, or leave me.


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