Eye Masks

“One of my more controversial opinions is that I think that eye cream is the biggest scam of our time.”

When I read this line from Brennan Kilbane’s Top Shelf, I felt liberated.

I love the idea of having a chic little pot of decadent eye cream on my bedside table to gently pat underneath my eyes right before falling into a blissful, 8 hour sleep. I have tried many a cream to achieve this nirvana, but it never works out. Either it gives me milia or is just so uncomfortable that I have to wipe it off before I can even think about sleep.

I had all this in mind when I received an eye mask sample months ago. At first I was saving it for a special occasion, then promptly forgot about it because I am not used to specifying the moisturization of my optical zone. But the other weekend, when I was a dry prune from being sick, on a whim I decided to pull the packet out and give it a whirl. I was nervous that it could back fire, but feeling brave as I tightened my fluffy robe and took a swig of EmergenC.

I must say I loved the whole experience. Way more satisfying that a typical eye cream and genuinely made my under eyes supple and smooth. I was using the Wilma Schumann Skincare Hydrating Collagen Eye Pads that I got from Birchbox. I’m not sure if I would purchase eye masks again, but I must say I can see the appeal. Perhaps for a long haul flight? It definitely felt like a treat.

Do you have any recommendations for eye masks you have loved?-


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