Surprisingly Clarins

While meandering around Sephora looking for samples to use on my trans-Atlantic flight to Scandinavia, the most amazing thing happened. I somehow befriended the Clarins representative for my state, and she proceeded to show me the ways of a luxury, plant based skin diet.

I went into the store searching for Dr. Jart Tiger Cream, because Caroline Hirons raved about its powers to preserve and plump dry skin, especially on a plane. Upon meeting my skincare angel, however, she pointed out that I have oily skin. As a dry reptile, I usually like when people say that because it means my moisturizer is working. She ended up gifting me with samples for oily skin and now I may need to change my attitude about my skin type.

We started off with the Tiger Grass cream, which she thought would be too thick for my skin, but proceeded to humor me. Turns out, she was right. I wasn’t brave enough to try this on the flight, but it really is too thick for me this time of the year (spring time). I am excited to revisit this in the winter where it will be appreciated for its hydration and acne fighting power.img_2223

Now onto the good stuff. These blue beauties are the Clarins Hydra Essential range. And they have changed me. Not to be dramatic here, but my skin looked the best it has in months when I used these two products combined with nothing else. I start with the Bi-Phase serum, to plump my skin and keep it balanced. Then I pat on the Cooling Gel to lock everything into place ALL DAY. I thought I hated gel moisturizer because of a bad experience with some Garnier years ago. Things have changed
in that area, let me tell you, also summarized in my love of Sunday Riley’s Tidal here.

I read somewhere that skin types are a myth. As I have grown older my skin has definitely changed. I am still pretty dry in general, but slathering on the thickest cream isn’t going to help that. Kind ingredients and penetrating hydration will. It was such a joy to try these products and I can’t wait to go deeper into the brand!

Have you tired anything that was an unexpected love?-


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