Sweet Sweden

I have just returned from a vacation in Sweden! I spent most of my time in Stockholm, with a short jaunt to Copenhagen thrown into the mix. Here are some pictures and a couple of stories from my time as far north as I am likely ever to be. Copenhagen pics to come soon!

img_2107img_2111      img_2105

Went spent a day in the countryside of Sweden, visiting Nykoping and Trosa. I cannot convey how beautiful these towns are, even right before spring has arrived it was incredibly peaceful. We brought hotdogs and Coronas and made a fire on an island. Had to hop a fence to get to our spot, so the illicit marshmallows were even sweeter.




My first fika experience! How could I not take a picture.img_2133



Most of the historical monuments were closed while we were in Stockholm, but it was enough for me to just wander the city and pop into shops that were open.









If you get the chance to visit Stockholm, you won’t forget this exciting city. Full of history and excitement, this was one of my favorite European cities I have been to yet. It was the most relaxed big city, but still a buzz with the hustle and bustle. Until next time –


Beach Camping

This past weekend I went camping at the beach. Yes, it was forecasted to snow/rain on Sunday morning, but Saturday found us driving down the highway, blasting Kanye and picturing a perfect beach getaway with our puppy in the back seat. While we did end up leaving in the middle of the night, after discovering our toes had frozen solid, I got a couple pictures of a great day.


That was the night of the full moon, so of course I did a reading. My anxiety has been sky rocketing recently but I’m positive and happy, so I was unsure what the moon would provide. I pulled the Knight of Pentacles (the same card I get every reading – not a joke, I pull this almost every reading I give myself), The Sun and the Six of Cups. Seems like I need to work hard and be vigilant!

If you have any advice on what the continual pulling of the Knight of Pentacles could mean, please let me know!


Glimpse of the sun

After a hectic couple of months, I decided to take myself on a solo vacation to the beach. It was rather gloomy so I spent most of my time in the king bed, watching Outlander and drinking prosecco. One evening I was able to catch a glimpse of the sun going to sleep before me.



With this time to recharge away from responsibilities, both work and social, I was able to find and get reacquainted with myself after so much turbulence and change. The waves don’t die.


On my way back, I stopped in a quaint beachside town for lunch and a leg stretch before the long journey home. Why is it, do you think, that the south so adamantly clings to the past? I do enjoy the beauty of relics like graveyards and historic homes and old friendships, but it might be time to embrace some change. Balance is key.



We needed margaritas


As the snow and freezing rain pelt down and fog up my window, I feel very inspired to write about last weekend. Last weekend was warm, and filled with friends and laughter. I drove down to Charlotte with my best friend to visit our recently Mrs.ed other best friend; we explored the city and made inappropriate jokes, things classy girls are wont to do when reunited.

I had been dying to visit Buffalo Exchange forever, and the store did not disappoint. The selection of apparel was funky and cool, as were the people working there. I would highly recommend visiting the store if you are in need of awesome sun glasses or leopard print boots. Say hello to Nicole for me while you’re there!


After shopping, we needed margaritas from Cabo Fish Taco. There is nothing better than a marg with awesome, silly people you’ve known for too long. Except for maybe brunch and a bloody mary with them at the Dandelion Market the next morning…

img_0256     img_0257

I returned from my trip feeling light and content with the world. It was such a great way to have my week start – spending time with my best friends, laughing and talking about everything. If anyone has any recommendations of cool places in Charlotte, please let me know. I hope to be visiting and exploring more soon! Once the snow and ice have cleared, that is.


Tastes of orange and vanilla

I spent the holiday season in sunny Florida, where the average temperature was 85 degrees all week. It was a wonderful break, so lovely to get away and relax in the sun before the New Year. I used the time to realize the good feelings I most wanted to recreate from 2015 and the people in my life who bring me that happiness.

Before I left, I picked up a couple of products that helped keep my skin glowing and healthy during my mini retreat down south.

Recently, I have been thinking about venturing into the world of lip color. My mother never fails to leave a lipstick mark on every cup in her house and she laments that I do not share her joy in the classic red lip. But when I saw the YSL Volupté Tint-In-Oil, I thought it would be just my style. The color Peach Me Love goes on shiny and bright to my lips and keeps them hydrated while leaving a slight wash of color for a little while. This isn’t a long lasting product but it tastes of vanilla and does not dry out my lips. This was on my dream list for most of last year so I thought it was time to treat myself!


While in Sephora picking up my dream lip gloss, I used a gift card to get an Ole Henriksen sample kit. Oh man. If you have never heard of this brand before, check them out. While everything in the 3 Little Wonders Mini Collection is amazing, I HAVE already repurchased the Truth Serum Collagen Booster.

This stuff. It smells like oranges and underneath my Clinique Moisture Surge Intense, my dry little face has never been happier.

Of course I did some shopping over the break. I was taken to a used book store and left with an extra 30 pounds to add to my checked luggage…whoops! I couldn’t resist a dream interpretation book, although I’m finding it fairly uninspired, but I’m excited to delve into this book about the mystical history of time.


I am also excited to read Anais Nin’s descriptive diary. I love Neil Gaiman; I just got American Gods, so it was only fitting that I picked up Anansi Boys when I saw it.

I am eager to get into blogging more this year. It has become such a fun creative outlet for me and I hope to spend more time taking pictures of beautiful things and writing about what motivates and intrigues me. I am still striving to become more like the moon, and hopefully this is a place where I can share that journey.

Secret weapon

I recently started a full time position at an office. This means a steady paycheck, a professional wardrobe, and habitual coffee brewing. I have always been a coffee drinker, starting in middle school and continuing throughout college; I love the taste and the caffeine and the feeling of cradling a warm cuppa joe on a cold day. But with the regularity of my 9 to 5, I started to get headaches on the weekends while I was away from that industrial machine and the local coffee bought to fuel it. No beast! Ye shall not possess my brain!


When I was visiting Colorado last month, I stopped by the Celestial Seasoning Tea Factory in Boulder to explore my deep love of tea; I have been drinking tea even longer than coffee. It was here that I was introduced to Fast Lane – a tea bag claiming to have more caffeine than one cup of coffee and less than an espresso.  It isn’t sold in stores, but they always keep it in stock at the factory as requested by the local college students. I thought, ‘this is my way out!’ and grabbed 2 boxes (along with a box of vanilla jasmine decaf and a wizard with a unicorn mug) to shove into my carry on and bring back as my secret weapon to defeat my coffee addiction.


And it’s actually been working! One cup of this tea definitely does not pack the same punch that a cup of coffee does, but it gives me a boost of energy in the morning and has cured my deprived headaches. It also tastes wonderful – smooth and savory with some spice added in. I love tea time, and refill my Jane Austen mug a least once a day. I’d also love any tea recommendations to add to my morning routine!

Runaway from me, baby

Does anyone else get that feeling they want to run away when something awkward or stressful happens? Not go and hide, but physically move your legs and run away.  I feel this way fairly often so I decided to do something about it…and I ran away to Denver for a week.  image image image


I walked countless miles over Colorado and Utah, shed some unnecessary and embarrassing feelings and came back refreshed and with a ton of open head space.

image image image