Beach Camping

This past weekend I went camping at the beach. Yes, it was forecasted to snow/rain on Sunday morning, but Saturday found us driving down the highway, blasting Kanye and picturing a perfect beach getaway with our puppy in the back seat. While we did end up leaving in the middle of the night, after discovering our toes had frozen solid, I got a couple pictures of a great day.


That was the night of the full moon, so of course I did a reading. My anxiety has been sky rocketing recently but I’m positive and happy, so I was unsure what the moon would provide. I pulled the Knight of Pentacles (the same card I get every reading – not a joke, I pull this almost every reading I give myself), The Sun and the Six of Cups. Seems like I need to work hard and be vigilant!

If you have any advice on what the continual pulling of the Knight of Pentacles could mean, please let me know!




I am so late to this. Does anyone out there still need to be told? You should be patting your skin care products into your face, not rubbing.

There. Now you know.

At first, the thought of skipping my nice facial massage and hitting my face gently was out of the question for me. I liked the feeling of rubbing the serum into every nook and cranny, that felt right. But after seeing approximately 1 billion posts/videos of the patting technique, I had a moment of weakness and gave it a try.



move one’s hand or a cloth repeatedly back and forth on the surface of (something) with firm pressure.”she rubbed her arm, where she had a large bruise”

Patting is better than rubbing. When you massage your face oil over your moisturizer, you really are just moving it all around together. When you pat, you are sort of shoving the nice products into your pores and forcing them to accept it. No more glossing over those tricky areas where your pores may or may not decide to soak up that moisture (nose, I’m looking at you).

Just give it a try, just once. If you don’t like it you can stop at any time. Unless you can’t, and that’s what I’m trying to convince you of. Back in my rubbing days, I would use 5-6 drops of any oil. Now that I’m on the pat, I am all set with 2-3, doubling the lifespan of my products! It’s simple mathematics people! Plus my face isn’t as greasy…. it’s all coming together now…

Happy patting. Let me know how it goes!

Moon Mask

I am sick. I have a cold and the front half of my whole head is numb. And thankfully, I have an active volcano on my chin! This red giant has forced me to focus a bit more on my skin these days, which has led me to act preventatively instead of post sinus infection traumaMoon mask

I have put on a moisturizing mask.

My healed self is going to be so thankful that my sick self remembered to tend to her dry, cold, fluey skin! I am now sitting cozy in bed with a warm cup of tea , a shot of NyQuil waiting for me and the Glossier Moisturizing Moon Mask slathered on generously.

Say what you will, this brand does actually work for me. I am very aware that I have bought into their hype, but I love it. The Moon Mask is like a really thick gel, or a slightly watered down moisturizer. It is comfortable to wear for an hour or so while watching Vikings (or whatever relaxes you) and after it washes away, my skin is so plump and happy. It feels really luxurious for an affordable mask, and looks great on your #itgtopshelfie, too.Moon mask 2

After passing out from the aforementioned shot, I plan on waking up tomorrow hydrated inside and out and ready to take on world, spotty chin first.


New discovery and routine

I have been encouraged to write this after a long hiatus because of the extreme change in my skin over a short period of time. I have had not the best couple of months; work related stress piling on top of this seasonal shift lead to a lot of online retail therapy. In one order, I threw in the Herbivore Botanicals Balance Skin Toning Perfecter. I didn’t have a toner I loved and had been meaning to try this.

Behold, after 1 day of use I felt a vast difference in my skin! It is tighter, less angry and red, even brighter! I guess it has something to do with the pH balancing effect and I feel very scientific when I think about it.

So here is a little morning skin routine, à la my idol Caroline Hirons.


First step, I am using up a sample of the Nuxe Facial Cleansing and Make-Up Removing Gel. At first I thought the scent was too overpowering for the product to actually be effective, but that is not how life works and this is quite a nice, rich wash for the AM. Usually, I use the Bronners Pure Castile Soap, a staple for years. Is this is secret? How come more people don’t use this!

My lovely new toner from Herbivore Botanicals, as evangelized above.

The BEST bargain oil on the market. The Boots Botanics Facial Oil is under $10 and has rosehip extract for extra bounce and healing. I am searching for an affordable serum for the winter time but until then I can see myself being quite happy with this baby.

Lastly, to lock it all in place I am back to using my trusty Clinique Moisture Surge Intense. I had a couple of summer flings with other moisturizers, but now that it’s cuffing season, I am back with my day one.

This was fun! I hope you had fun too. Please leave any skin care recommendations if you’ve got em and I hope to be back soon with something equally as fun and maybe a bit more motivating.



Continued: a search for motivation

I often feel unmotivated to write on here. I am not sure if it’s insecurity about sharing personal thoughts and feelings, or if I am just not passionate about writing.

Recently, I couldn’t stop thinking about this little blog of mine. Dreaming up blog posts and imagining the pictures I would take to go with them. I know that I have a drive to create, perhaps I just haven’t found that perfect avenue yet.

Until then, I want to continue exploring my interest in this. Maybe upgrade to a real camera from my iPhone. Maybe buy a domain and play around. I want to search for what it is about this process that motivates me. Because there’s got to be something here, right?

While I’m still making grand plans in my head, I leave you with a picture I took of my dog at his puppy training graduation.




Mendocino Memory

Amber is one of the first people I met through this blog and has become one of my favorite people to read. Her posts are somehow always exactly what I need to hear at any given moment and never fail to make me question the way I think about life. As a newly licensed lifestyle investigator, I now have the excuse to ask her how she pulls off the amazing work the shares on her blog, thefreespirited.

I know that you will find her just as interesting and engaging as I do. If you have any further questions about her unbelievable journey, feel free to head over to her blog and make contact. I promise, she won’t bite!

Face of Anxiety
Who are you?
I am no one, yet everything you are made out of. I am a 27 year wise woman who resides 20 minutes outside of  Sacramento, CA. Yes, I am a Sacramentian. I am in grad school studying mental health counseling, my second year, got two more to go before I graduate and years after to apply and become a licensed counselor. On top of that I have taken a mediumship course through my church’s association (National Spiritualist Churches Association) and am almost ready to test for my certification AND I am taking courses with the University of Metaphysics. I am working on a Master’s in Metaphysics. The end result is to earn my Doctorate for metaphysical counseling because I believe there’s more that can be done to assist people than just traditional approaches and psychological theories. I’m just an old soul working towards enlightenment of self and display and hand for others. I consider myself to be a “Spiritualist, sensitive or an intuitive” because the term psychic medium is too cliche. I am thefreespirited.
What makes you  feel powerful?
I feel powerful when I can resonate with what I’m learning and what I’m experiencing. I feel important when someone reaches out to me and tells me that I’ve helped them or feel that I can help them. I feel an interconnectedness whenever this happens.
What do you dream of?
I dream of being one of out of many who brings love and harmony to a world in desperate need of both.
What are you creating?
I am working on law of attraction and creating a reality for my wants and desires. Being a grad student leads to a very frugal life, and very is an understatement. I am creating a space in time for me to be able to do what I love and do naturally and that is to help others and be enriched for it. Value comes in many different ways: confirmation, satisfaction of helping others, teaching others and have them grasp the concepts, and of course monetary value. I don’t envision a life of monetary wealth but instead of a life that consists of all that I have mentioned. We set out a thought into the Universe, do the work required, and the Universe will give what was asked.
Why Blog?
I blog to write poetry and to talk about my spirituality and metaphysical beliefs and experiences in hopes of connecting with others who share the same purpose. We are all interconnected with one another in one form or another.I want to uplift and empower other souls to assist them on their own journeys. It’s part of my life purpose, this lifetime.
Kate's Oregon Picture
** All pictures provided by Amber

Southern flowers

Sundays are a special day. A day when anything can happen but you don’t need to do anything.


I sat out on my new porch this Sunday evening for a solo dinner before the sun set but after the true heat of the day. As I perused the summer edition of Porter Magazine, slowly devouring my favorite meal of buttered toast with scrambled eggs, I felt the thick heat of nostalgia hit me. What would I have thought of this future me five year ago, 10 years ago? Would I ever have envisioned an evening where I contentedly sat by myself outside at dusk, calmly munching on a decadent cucumber and feta salad, knowing that I was loved and at peace with myself (or as at peace as a 20 something girl can be)?

As the evening musk of heady southern flowers settles over my yard, I am content not to worry about my past or indulge in future plans. I will sit and read charming articles about far off destinations and drink my sweating hard ginger ale. This evening, after a glorious bath, I will snuggle into my soft bed with a copy of D. H. Lawrence’s Twilight in Italynot knowing or thinking about what Monday will bring as I am lulled to sleep by the trill of crickets outside my window.

And all was well.


Purpose in her eyes

Changing the theme up a bit, I wanted to focus on some awesome people. As this motivates me, maybe it isn’t actually that huge a leap, but at least my search has varied format now!


As a lifestyle investigator, I have come up with a few questions that I would like answered by that cool girl you see walking down the street with purpose in her eyes. Kaitlyn Adeline was kind enough to provide me with some.

Kaitlyn, my very best friend from college started an Etsy store, Pockets of Parcels, to showcase her whimsical and unique greeting cards. I have always known her to be one of the funniest and most intuitive people around and I see this store as an extension of her creative mind.










Who are you?

Who am I? That’s a very big question. My name is Kaitlyn Adeline and I currently live in New Orleans, but I’m from South Carolina. I grew up in a tiny, one-red light town that barely makes dot on the map. I’m 24 and if you were to compare me to an animal I’d probably be a fox 😏. I’m also someone who loves a good challenge.

What makes you feel powerful/important?

I feel most powerful and important when I’m creating something. I also feel powerful and important every time I play darts and practice yoga.

What do you dream of?

I dream of finding a space for myself where I thrive and am pushing boundaries in a creative sense. I guess I dream of what all other twenty-somethings dream of: figuring out what the hell I’m supposed to be doing with my life. Which leads me to your next question:

What are you creating?

What am I creating? I’ve decided that at this point in my life I’m supposed to be creating hilariously punny greeting cards. They can be found on Etsy under the shop name PocketsofParcels or situated between selfies on my Instagram account. I also post them on my Pockets of Parcels Tumblr.

Screen Shot 2016-07-12 at 5.35.07 PM

Kaitlyn makes me smile and I hope her cards bring you joy. I plan to come back with many more installations to this series, little insights into the lives of inspirational women with a plan.

You can find Kaitlyn on:

Etsy: Pockets of Parcels

Instagram: @kaitlyn_adeline

Tumblr: Pockets of Parcels

Passion for croissants

Finding motivation seems to be a trend on this blog, perhaps because it is a recent theme in my life. A French teacher in high school told me I was unmotivated and since then I have questioned my drive to succeed every time it slows down just a little. No, I was not motivated my senior year of high school to do well in an unruly French class. But that doesn’t mean I am wholly unwilling to get my ass moving!

I happen to know some pretty awesome people. One is a senior member at his company at 24 years old, one is about to enter medical school at Duke University and others are in nursing school, sous chefs and generally following their dreams. I thought I would conduct an interview/survey to see where young people get their motivation these days. Here is what I got:

I just try to be better every day. For myself. And I have faith that if I do that, good things will eventually happen.

I just had a lot of things I was interested in and I piled them on so now I don’t have time to not be motivated.

My job challenges me every day and I help a lot of people which makes me happy. I constantly have to think while working and I am striving to become an actuary because it would be a huge accomplishment. I don’t do things if I don’t like them.

There are things that I am passionate about that keep me interested in what I do, and drive me to dive deeper into the field. I get to work on stuff that I find fascinating, and I’ll get to study it more in depth soon. Also I strive to do things that make me feel good about myself. Yoga makes me feel fit and proud of myself. Also doing new things that are kind of scary — like getting dressed up and being on stage — make me feel great about myself afterwards. And when I feel good, I can be more motivated as well as confident, friendly, energetic, and just overall happy 

I think job wise I get my motivation from other people around me. When I see them accomplishing things it makes me want to accomplish things too. It’s almost kinda competitive. I get motivation in life from the people that I love and love me and from a feeling of a higher purpose to serve God and his people well.

So, from what I can gather from this market research, the key to everlasting motivation is to love what you do and to love yourself.

I always knew love was the answer.

I will continue my quest for that butterfly tummy feeling in the big wide business world and in the mean time, work on feeling that way about myself. For a while I was trying to do one thing a day that sacred me and I did start to see a difference in my life, in the way I challenged myself to be my best version possible in any situation. Perhaps that should be reinstated into my daily routine.

And maybe I will take a French class and see if my passion for croissants has improved my motivation in that arena. I’ll keep you updated on that one.


New page

Hello! A happy Sunday to you. As I was relaxing and surfing the web the morning, I thought it might be a great idea to keep a list of my inspirations in one handy place.

So, I have added a new page to this blog called Inspirations. I will be updating it with the things that help motivate me and keep me on my grind. If you have any suggestions, I would love to know about what motivates you!

I hope you are all lounging, doing a face mask and eating bon bons this evening.